Monday, 28 February 2011

Fur-Breeze Animals and Character concepts

Fur-Breeze is the title of the film I am currently working on at uni. Originally thought up by Dave Gorman, the film is about a skunk who goes on a rampage across the zoo he lives in. Ignored and uncared for, the skunk decides he has had enough and builds a huge tripod walker that he uses to take revenge on the other inhabitants. 

Here I will post the concepts for the characters and other components of the film as they progress. 

Victims of the skunk and other zoo inhabitants

 Kent the Bear - a rather depressed Bear who is
himself, quite tired of being looked at through glass
on a daily basis.

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  1. Out-Gassed/Out-Gasd no?

    What does FurBreeze even mean? Apart from being a mix of fur (which is associated with cats mostly) and a household odor eliminator....

    Ha ha. Sciver. ;)